Unable to decide about my career.

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    I am B.com Graduate. I have done my first year C.A. I couldnt complete my second year C.A because my father expired and i had health issues. After graduation i took up a job. I was being bullied by my collegues and i tried very hard to change myself to be accepted but couldnt do it nor was i accepted there hence i left the job. I thought of completing my C.A. But I have realised that i am overly sensitive and am unable to handle pressure and criticism which is a part of job. i left it and was at home for a year. i got married and was a housewife for almost 2 years. But i thought that i was not respected by my in laws and everyone and may be i myself didnt respect myself just because i wasnt earning inspite of being educated. Hence i took up a job and thought that this time i would handle it. But again i couldnt do it and had to leave it. I faced a lot of criticism from my in laws too because of that. I took up psychotherapy for my low self esteem. It was then i decided i wanted to make cakes as i was more interested in cooking. I always wanted to be a chef but because my father insisted that chefs dont have much opportunities and salary i should rather do C.A. I did some courses of Cake making. Now i am working on marketing my business. But i think the orders will take time to come and am a bit unsure about it based on my past failures. Should i take up a job in the mean time? Based on my education and knowledge i can get simple accountant jobs with salary 8k to 10k pm. Will i be able to handle it again should i give it a try? will it do me good? Eventually i want to have a successful cake business and dont want to work for someone else. But till i get orders i am again just a housewife not earning anything. I dont have kids as yet. What should i do?

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