Unable to do any work at home

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    I m a housewife 34 years old.I don’t do any cooking,cleaning.I stay very dirty,I don’t take care of myself,my grooming,hygiene is very poor.I don’t even brush daily.My hubby cooks food,clean the house,go to office.He don’t get any rest becoz of so much work.I am doing a teacher training course.It will finish in this month.I don’t invite anybody at my place.I m a introvert and I am very unsocial.I watch cooking shows on net,tv almost all the time but hardly made 1 or 2 items till date.Now my husband is feeling bad for getting married with me.He is saying he was happy in his bachelor life,there is no difference after marriage also.This is my second marriage.I am very happy in this marriage..I am really happy that I got this man who always care for me.but my previous marriage was horrible.My parents and relatives are also getting irritated by seeing me like a lazy woman and always ordering him to do this and that.I really want to improve myself.I want to do grooming properly and I want to do daily chores regularly and timely and I want to take care of my hubby which he is not getting at all.I have a hubby,a nice home,a beautiful kitchen but I don’t know how to do all the work properly and regularly.I am very unstable in everythg,after few months or days I loose interest in that particular thing.Please help me,I m feeling very disturbed.and also want to forget my past completely.

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