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    I am a 45 year old woman, mother of a 22 year old son & 3 year old dog Lab, & wife of a 50 year old man. We love each other & live considerably good lives. My problem is moodiness which rubbing off negatively on my son & familys health.

    I am unable to let go of my past. I had neglected by family while I was working in our family business, was abusive to both my husband & son, have even reacted violently most of the time. I had couple of abortions & regret the decision ever since & sometimes feel sick & depressed. May God Forgive!

    I want to repent & resolve the past issues but am not able to. I cry sometimes when alone. I have apologised to my son for my violent past, he has hugged me and forgiven me, but I still am not able to stop thinking that we could have had better lives if I had let go of my past! How do I do that?

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