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    Pls some professional help me. .Im a dentist in Madras. just now started my career. I had a very healthy relationship with my bf. we are committed for the past 5 years. n a happy family life with my parents. but in between i had troubles n sufferings which i never even thought such small pains will change my behaviour totally. slowly im noticing myself going into some big problem. i get highly excitted n feel like im the most successful person n my life is gonna change tremendously. n within a couple of days i get very very depressed. thr are continous episodes of maniac n depression.
    my guy tolerated all this for the past 1 year n now he feels sick of it. my parents hate me now. m afraid to be close to anyone. because i get angry so easily n recently i started beating people before i could realise wat is going on. i hit my bf in front of his mom. i hit my brother so badly tat he got scratches all over his arms. i hit my mom too! but i never really did all this. it happens before i can take control of myself.:'( all this has happened in past two months. my bf thinks i hv gone mad. he says he s afraid to marry me. . n my family thinks i have forgotten all my manners. i pick up fight with everyone n im nt sleeping at all:'( at the peak of insomnia!! could nt concentrate on my work. .im trying to fix it but nothing works. im losing my life in front of my own eyes. n nt able to do anything to retain it:'( plsss help me m going out of my[/font][/size] control

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