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    M a 19 year old NRI female student. For many years now I have been facing problems controlling my emotions. I m generally a very socialising person but der r tyms dat i dnt wnt to tok to any1. I have hard relationship issues wid my friends and especially wid my parents coz of my emotional instability. It takes only seconds for me to turn frm extremely happy to uncontrollably angry to sad.
    I have faced bullying and also had eating disorder bullimia earlier but have never visited a psychiatrist coz of my parents’ closed mindedness. I have visited various online sites wer i was always diagnosed with bipolar disorder but unfortunately i m in no position to visit a doctor neither do i have da resources to confirm the bipolar tests. Please help me.



    Hi u just need some one to share all ur feelings thats it mean gud frds and family. All u has to do is keep calm and take decisions after thinking thrice. Lets practise any good hobbies and do it in your free time



    Firstly, thank you so much for ur advice. :)
    As for hobbies, I do draw and write a lot. But being in a bad mood really affects my creativity and recently it seems i m either just screaming at my parents or crying on my own. So its hard for me to concentrate in my art or my writing. In fact I used to vent out my stress by writing about but I have been unable to write a single sentence in the past year. It frustrates me even more.

    I have taken your advice and taked to my only close friend. It did make me feel better. :)

    Thank you so much. A real reply means so much more than an automated message. I appreciate it. :)

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