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    HLook I know it would be very tough to understand this but I really need somebody to help me out out of this. My boyfriend he is superb person and I know he loves me but his busy schedule makes me impatient.
    Yes he makes me wait for long long time.
    He is not calling me since a few days.
    We do chat over whatsapp,Facebook and hike but even to My text he responds after 3-5-10-15 mnts ..I keep on waiting ..
    I do want to grant all his misdeeds just for one reason that he is serous towards his love for me but my love for him makeshift impatient.
    The most importent problem in my lyf is the communication gap in between us ..he never shares any of his problem with me ..few days back we had a big mess which later got solved ..the reason behind a created a scene was becuz he was not contacting me since 30-40 days..nd d reason I got to know when I went through my the conversation my elder sister and he had..no there is nothing wrong he respects my sister as her own sister but this particular thing dt he is unable to share his problems with me after knowing me since 3-4 yrs is killing me..I did talk to him last night but I don’t think it wud bring much of a change.
    My problem is that I expect a lot from him. I expect him to love me d most right after his family ..
    I want him to feel comfortable with me and pay a bit of attention atleast.
    I too want him to be impatient for me.
    And this feeling of being not-so-important is killing me. Please show the way.
    How to get rid of this feeling and behave normal with him.
    I too want to make him wait but I just can’t do ..I am unable to.
    Tell me how to distract myself! Please!



    Hi shruti, You first told that he is busy in his work, then how can u know he is in the problem?
    He may lots of work to do. And if he may have any problem , then he don’t won’t u told be worry for him. He may have that kind of thought u know. As he loves u it is not compulsory to tell u all his problem now it self. So understand him by giving him some more time to him from overcome from his work and try to oblige him more..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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