Unknown Fear that doesnot let me sleep

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    Respected Madam,
    I am a youth of 23 years and have been suffering from a problem. I have found that I can not sleep in the afternoon. As soon as the sleep is about to take over and dont know from where a thought like a wave comes and wakes me up and I end up with a feeling of insecurity, fear and loneliness. It has been happening to me since many years. The feel of insecurity becomes more effective as my mummy or daddy leaves.
    Also one more thing that I found in me that I am always very enthusiast to initiate something then I begin doing it for a while and then I turn up blank and the same thing turns up uninteresting and I stop it. I can not complete things up I end up in the middle itself. It can be anything may be reading a book or article or doing some work etc.
    Even I cannot spend much time with myself doing things; a constant fear chases me and I think where am I gonna end up and I leave that activity and run to something else.
    With a million hopes to get helped.

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