Unstability of mind kills me…

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    I was in love with a guy for three years. Went aginst my parents decision and married him. My father was very adamant and did not accept my marriage even after 2.5 years. Meanwhile i started having problems with my husband.. and started to hate him.

    Thats wen i left him and came back to my parents. Now it is 1.5 years i m away from my husband and have started divorce proceedings, which are at initial stages. For past two months i am in touch with my husband.Feeling very very bad of leaving him as he has gone through a lot of pain and cant see him suffer like this.

    I want to get back to him but my parents will not agree. Really scared to bring this issue again to my parents. In turn my father wants me to finish the divorce proceedings fast and get married to another guy.

    i have lot of confusions and fully upset about my life. Infact dont know where i m aheading to.
    Kindly help me out


    Hey Nishar,
    I can understand in what pain and confusion you are in right now. firat you need to be clear in your head.. wether you want to spent your rest of your life being back with your husband or with the another whom your parents wants you to get settle down with. if you decide to stay with your husband then please talk to him regarding evrything and every aspect don’t be confused or make a rash decision. if you feel you are ready to quit your divorce and want to get back to your husband, then next step is to talk to your parents because sooner or later you have to tell your decision to them. if possible ask your husband to come along with you and talk to your parents. as we know parents happiness lies in their children, so after knowing the truth and see the love your husband has for you, your father gets convinced.

    Nishar its no point being upset instead be clear, focus and decide what you want in your life and in this you can only help your self with. just sit down be relax, close your eyes and focus on what you want. specifically after deciding , stick to it.

    hope you sail out of your problem soon. would be waiting for your response.

    god bless you!!!

    Sonali Sardana
    clinical Psychologist


    Akriti Chauhan

    Things will be fine nishar..just give yourself time…tell ur parents u want some time to decide…i believe that if u r really ready to quit ur divorce, it wud be better to talk to ur husband, n then u both try to convince ur parents ..

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