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    Mitali Kanwat

    So basically i am 19 and in second year of college, i want to feel responsible for everything around me, i want to feel like an adult. But i seem to have irrational belief systems, am most often lost. My contact with my family is poor, i dont have any friends in college due to my low self esteem. I really wanna work on myself know what should i be doing at this age. I had a breakup about a year back with my boyfriend who i got in a relationship with due to my low self esteem thought he was the only one good for me. I really have underestimated myself for some really long time. I am surprised by my irrationality seriously. I can think almost anything am moody whimsical have no self control and have always hurt people around me. I need to sort myself and feel better about life like a proper responsible person. I want to know what my aims priorities should be at this age? And how really can i deal with my irrational belief systems?



    Ya it will usually happens in this age mitali don’t worry. It is happening because u r not setting any aim for ur life ex:- becoming engineer, doctor etc. Don’t be so low confident person , u can do anything in this world . Before trying any work don’t have negative thoughts that it is not possible. Have faith in urself, just try to do everything calmly with taking some time to think whether it is good or bad. Then you can realise what you has to do in future. And for more u can contact my id
    [email protected]
    thank u And all d best


    Shruti bagri

    Dear Mitali,
    I can Very well understand your problems. A cousin of mine had similar issues to deal with. I think that your biggest problem is loneliness, n due to this u r unable to face people with better communication skills, or anyone in a better position than u in life. You need to accept the fact that just like someone else might be better than u, u too r better than others. Respect others n start seeing life with optimism.if today isn’t the day, tomorrow might be,n if not tomorrow, then maybe dayafter. Life is full of surprises. If u have had a boyfriend whom u were with due to your low self esteem, it doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t make mistakes? N now that u r not together, life has better options for u. Learn from your past mistakes. If u r not able to make friends in college then try joining many groups or participate in activities that u like.this way, u can interact with people n not be alone because I’m telling you from my personal experiences that u can fight anything in life but not loneliness which eventually builds up depression and can be really hard to fight with.

    Have u tried talking about it to ur cousins if not with parents (I read any ur communication being poor with them). Try talking to a close cousin, a sister maybe who could probably help u out. Not all relatives r bad. Don’t judge people by the relations between elders. Try taking a chance but carefully.
    Stay happy and think beautifully. Life isn’t all that bad. Be optimistic.

    If u ever need help, u can contact me at [email protected]

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