unusual behavior by spouse

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    It was all fine till 3 years ago. We are a happily love married couple married in 1994 aged 42 yrs and 41 yrs. It so happened 3 days ago, that i wanted to see some photographs in my wife’s phone to which she became very angry/hyper and began to delete all photographs or any other things which i dont know, even after my sincere request to give her phone to me in her presence only to see some photos, she did not give me her phone and created a huge scene in the house and deleted all the photos etc but did not allow to touch her phone until she deleted what she wanted. I am very upset over her behavior. Since last 3 years she does not allow me to touch her phone, always keeps her phone with her. Although i love her very much and my family having two sons aged 16 and 10 yrs, but her secretive behaviour since last 3 yrs is playing havoc on me. I am unable to convince my self what she is hiding. She is a teacher and never shares anything about her school, her colleagues etc and never shares with me her visits to any place and does everything secretely. Kindly advise i am feeling very cheated and lonely due to this behaviour of her. PLEASE HELP ME.

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