Unusual Sleepiness

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    Hi, I am 24 years old and I am working. I feel very sleepy at work, though I have a good sleep at home for 6 hours. I took up the current job in Dec 2013. I am still in my training period so I have to study all the time in office. Whenever I have evaluation, I don’t feel sleepy since I am totally into it but if there is no evaluation, I start feeling sleepy as soon as I start studying. I experienced the same situation in my previous job also but I did not like that job so I felt that was the reason for me feeling sleepy. Even if I have a sound sleep for 8 hours, I feel sleepy. I feel extremely sleepy at work that I have dreams even while my eyes are open. My thoughts keep wandering and I do not even know that I feel sleepy. Even if I have a cup of coffee or take a break, I feel fresh only for a maximum of 15 minutes. I do not know the reason for this but I waste a lot of time because of this. I am not able to concentrate on reading and I am not able to give my best to my job. Please help me. I wanna find a solution for this and overcome this problem.Thanking you in advance.

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