very bad behave of my fathet

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    here i am to take your sugeestion what should i do? my father who is 65 or more years old is behaving like a enimy with me and my mom who is also above 60. i have 3 more brthrs all are married .my father and brother and bhabi all behaves like we are slaves for them .my father abuse my mothet badly and its astronish that he want divorce to my mom at this age. my mother did many thing for him to her children ad obvious.i was a working girl i am 25 years old now .due to my father and brother dont like if i do job. i leaft it and now do all housrhold work.anyhow i am countuing my studis but unable to consntrate due to all this tensions. my father wants thay i got married according to his choice whether he is any tom dick and harry. some times i feel like to commit suicide or leave the home .but unable to do.plz help what should i in this? should i argue with all? or shoyld i leave the home or what?plz help

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