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    Hi.I’m 33 yr old female. I’m very much worried abt my life ahead as post divorce I had to start everything from scratch level. My career is affected as I had a gap of almost 2 years n so it’s difficult for finding a job with a decent income as I’m just a graduate.I feel that my divorce has affected me badly n I hve lost concentration n confidence. I stay alone n I do not hve any friends as the friends I had are already busy n settled in their life and I remain confused as to what course I should do to fetch a decent income to support myself.I’m just a commerce graduate. My ex husband was a cheat n liar n he made me bankrupt. I hve financial problems too so all these thoughts creep in to my mind making me insecure and depressed. I want to put back my career in track n be happy n make new friends.Plz help n advice.Thanks!



    Hi sister , i know that u have struggled a lot in your life but it is not imppssible for u to overcome from all this. I will appreciate u that u still have confidence on yourself and don’t loose it at any time. You can find a good job quickly so be have faith in yourself and in God then everything will be alright. Don’t fear for life but live happily life even in any critical situation. All d best for your bright future and u r always welcome to clarify your problems..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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