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    m a post graduation student! i am here because there is something bothering me a lot! i have a male friend(also my ex lover) who is nowadays facing a lot of stress and depression like symptoms, because his present lover cheated him! he has been discussing all his problems, secrets, happiness, interests with me, from past 1 year (we didn’t contact each other for 4 years after our split)
    we are good friends, and as a part of being a friend i try my every bit to help him be happy, be cheerful, try out different activities, and start life new! but somehow, i have started feeling as if he does not like my over indulgence in his life! he shows his irritation and anger sometimes! i have this habit of talking with him in msgs most of the time throughout day and night time! i expect him to talk to me! am i wrong? am i getting to much with him? i only want him to forget his worries, and be happy :'( i want to see him like he was before, he is such a good person, i dont want to irrritate him, but i just cant stop myself from caring for him :/ pls suggest how can i help him, wen i know there are barriers! please…thank u!

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