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    Sir. after a serious breakup in my life.. I don’t want anything bigger happiness in my life.. After sometimes after 4 month or later of breakup when my mind becomes stable, i m feeling that my mind becomes very sharp just like scientists. may be becoz i lost all the desires in life. I am able to understand the logic’s which most people never want n able to understand. i am creating my own concepts. means my mind concentrated on to the deeper n magical concepts of technology very much, but i am not able to concentrate on simple things n study as well , my creating and conceptualizing power forces me to create anything, understand some heavy deep concepts.. I just waana do the things, which never done before.. I just wanna ask, is this common or my brain is focused on a special behavior like the brain of scientists.. how can I get success by using such brain, bcoz i have some weakness like nervousness n low confidence , stage fear.. I wanna use my brain power to become succesful n focusfull on my own studies.. In my class no one is as intelligent as me.. teachers appreciate me like a super genius boy. but still i am nt able to score gud marks.. my handwriting is weak. other students who r very weak in intelligence still able to score greater than me… that is very irritating n intelligent for me as a inteligent person.. Please suggest what is best to do for making my life successful .. ?

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