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    Akriti Chauhan wrote:

    Hi Prachi mam, I have been waiting for your reply since long…PLEASE PLEASE help me, I need urgent counselling, pls view my post of 10/11/2012.I need to decide things soon as am very short of time….I m waiting for your reply ma’m please help..

    Dear Akriti,
    you’re walking down a very dangerous path. I would suggest that you inform your parents immediately. It took me some time to get to your problem. I hope you’re still safe and sound in your home and haven’t relented to his unreasonable demands. Akriti, a possessiveness of this level can get very dangerous. I’m sure you’ve heard of the numerous acid attack cases that happen nowadays. I would strongly recommend that you let your parents know everything. They would surely get very angry for a while but ultimately you would be be doing the right thing. Whatever rituals you went through at the temple don’t matter, contrary to what they show in tv serials. Just on the basis of those rituals he CANNOT call you his wife. And even if you did sign some papers, I’m sure your parents will find a way out. DO NOT get this marriage registered in court. Please take my advice and tell your parents, please.

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Do let me know what you decided as I would be worried about you.

    Take care.

    Pratiksha wrote:
    Name – Pratiksha (not real name)
    Email – [email protected]
    Age – 20
    Gender – female
    Profession – Student
    Duration of problem – 3 months and 1 day

    Dear Pratiksha,
    I’m so glad you’ve come to us before its too late. After reading your problems I really think you should get some professional help as soon as possible. Can you tell me which city you live in? I can help you locate the right therapist for u. We cannot proceed online yet because first I need a complete assessment of your mental and emotional state (think of it like a blood test report you take to a physician for fever). After reading that assessment I shall be able to make an effective plan to help you.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care.

    nilfa wrote:
    I am Nilfa , studying in 9th standard . I am 14 years old . Till last month i was good at studies but from last month I am not able to concentrate ! How so ever hard I try i cannot understand my subjects . Nowadays my mind is always busy in stupid things like friends and social networking…

    Dear Nilfa,

    What you’re going through happens to a lot of people. I would suggest that you visit a psychiatrist in your area and get tested for depression. There is nothing to worry about. Sometimes due to a chemical imbalance we start to get these spells of low mood etc. and we cannot control them without medicines. Just like for fever you need to take Crocin/Paracetamol and then also antibiotics to remove the infection, similarly for such chemical imbalances in the brain we need to take medicines sometimes. With the right treatment you will feel better real soon.

    Take care,

    rekka wrote:
    Hi Prachi,

    Before describing my problem I’m giving you little bit background. We had love marriage one and half year back. Now my wife is pregnant. My wife family is joint family.

    Mr. Rekka,
    Yours is surely a unique problem. But I commend you for the fact that you have the courage to accept that you may have selfish motives here. It takes a lot of guts to admit something like that so kudos to you!

    Now coming to your conflict, this problem can only be solved by open communication. I would request you and your wife to put your egos aside for one day,go away to a nice quiet place and sit and talk your heart out over this. Maybe your wife is not able to see the love behind your selfishness. Maybe she is not able to understand that you don’t want that kid in the house because you want your time with your wife and your new baby. And this may be because you haven’t been able to convey this love to her properly. Set aside a day just for the two of you, show her how much ou care and explain this to her.

    On the other hand, although she may be very attached to that child and wants to do good by him, she must understand that keeping someone else’s child is a very very big responsibility. Its a different thing to live in the same house with a relative’s child and to have the child under your responsibility for 24 hrs. Especially once your own baby comes her responsibilities would grow a thousand times and then she will get frustrated.

    Try and explain this to her. Even then if she doesn’t understand , what you can do is tell her that you respect her wishes and are willing to give it a try. But also tell her that if she ever wants to go back on her commitment and send the child back you will respect that too. But she should feel free to share her feelings with you. In this case if the responsibility feels too much to her, she knows that she has your support.

    This will strengthen your bond as husband and wife and she will know that you are there for her no matter what.

    I wish you all the best!

    Guest wrote:
    Dear Sir,
    I am Subhajit from Kolkata. I wanna share my psychological problem with you. Hoping to get some solution from you.
    5 years back in my college days I was once rejected by a girl when proposing her. By then that situation made me turn my life into an end, but I somehow survived. Since then I am alone and single. I left her memories faded and trying to bring back a sweet smile into my lips so that life turns better, but still I cant even move forward to make a new relation just because I have formed a barrier all around me and always have a feeling that I am better to stay away from making a relation cause I will get rejected.
    I am now 26 and working in a private firm. I have no one to share all my feelings with, sometimes I feel like crying loud in my voice. Only one question arises in my mind all the time, “Why am I still alone, why me?” and I get depressed. I don’t know how to overcome this.
    Please suggest.

    Oh Man!!! Kind of same situation here! Alone!!!!!!!:-/


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