what should i do get them out of the emotions with me…

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    I have completed Btech and got a job. coming to the problem, i love my childhood and memorize things often…and like the people who do the same… i did my schooling primary and high school parts in separate schools.. i used to memorize one friend of mine in primary with whom i played much…later we shifted and there is no contact of him.. i liked him but not loved him. in my engineering he called me once and we became close now. he has a girlfriend…

    at the same time another person called me and proposed me who was my sixth class classmate, he was too naughty and hifi person and waited till now. for this point i liked him and after his continous calls one day called him to talk him straight that i dont have any interest in him. then he kissed me abruptly which made me annoyed.
    I am the person with high principles and values and dont get too close with boys and believe in life partner.. and want to share everything with my partner first…but when he misbehaved with me like dat i just felt bad and my principles were ruined..and later compromised with him and thought what if he becomes my partner as he was the first who touched me… i dont know whether i was right or wrong in this decision.. but what i observed is that whenever i talked with him he misbehaves and give importance for romance everytime… i stay still at that time and wont respond from my side.but he doesnt matter my inconvenience.other than that there is nothing we shared.. everytime i compromised but i cant hold it any longer and beat him hard..i thought of proposing him too but after all these acts i declined..but apart from these he is good and has good character and family values..other than that stupidity everything is good..
    now coming to my primary friend he was simple and from village.. he gave a lot of importance to me..he shared everything with me.. as he has girlfriend i took his feelings as a friend and we became good friends and no other thought was there in our minds.. but later i suggested him to talk less as he has a girl and she would feel otherwise..and as she doesnt have a cell he talked the whole day with me and i talked too… we shared every moment..
    later i thought it was not fair and asked him to suggest her to buy a cell so that he shares and spend most of his time with her… and one day i stopped talking with him and the very next day he talked like a mad person and said that he cant live without talking with me.. and revealed that he had feelings on me previously and thought that i would never meet again.. and later in engineering he got commited to a girl who liked him very much..he said that he searched for me a lot but of no use.. at last he said that if he met me previously he would not miss me and he would marry me. thats why he got closer to me otherwise he talk less with girls.. he also said that if he get a chance in future he wont miss me..if at all he doesnt get married to that girl….
    .i dont know what to do now.. i am talking less with him lying him that i got commited to that high school boy..and that boy would feel if i was close with him…now but he is unable to bear my absence..

    Please characterize them and what is going on…and who loves me for real… please reply… i want to give peace of mind for them and dont want anymore emotional stresses due to me..what should i do..



    u will not become happy in village neither with person who kissed u without ur permission.

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