what to do: divorce or improve the relationship

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    Hi Prachi ,

    I am married for 3 years now , but i am not happy with this marriage .Its a love marriage though not intercaste . My husband does not have habit of saving and does not like sharing his fin[/size]ancial matters with me.He spends every things on party or paying his credit card bills. Till now he has not saved any money for our future. Being youngest in his family , he was being pampered a lot. So does not have habit of taking responsibility .He comes home late from office everyday. Being questioned anything about thismakes him more angry and has hitted me once or twice for this even.He al:(ways lie.I have a doubt about him havieng affairwith his office colleaguew i hspokmy mother in laws about my husband but she said i know my son is ho peless and io wonder how u married him. He does not have agood friends circle. My mother in law law asked my my parents totake me me along with them . We stayed separately for six months. Then kmy husband said sorry and said will not repeat the same mistakes again .Now we are staying seperate from family but he is blaming me for that. He has started doing same mistakes again .N[ he is not behaving properly with me. So please advice if i should take divorce or there is any scope for improvement .

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