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    praful shah

    I am been married from last 2 years. It was arrange marriage and everything is was fine before marriage.
    I come from middle class family who respect Indian values, before marriage I asked my wife that whether u had any affair if yes whether she had any physical relationship. She accepted to have an affair for 2 years but mentioned me she comes from Indian family and value’s the Indian culture, hence did not had any physical relationship. I was very much humble to believe and agreed for marriage.

    Before marriage she agreed that she had physical relationship in past and from that day I never wanted to marry her. But due to pressure from both the family and emotional dialogues I got married.

    Last 2 years of marriage is hell, every moment only one things goes in my mind that my wife has slept with someone and she lied to me, she has broken my trust and hurted me a lot. She has also suffered a lot for it i have also given her lot of hatered for 2 years.

    Now we are in this situation that I am happy to leave her and leave alone but she because of her family pride not ready to leave. I don’t think I can forget this and stay happily and have kids but day by day I am affecting my health as I cannot sleep for more than 4 hours.

    I am planning to do counselling or psycho therapy, but I don’t think I can forget this. It is easy to say it was her past but when you are leaving with than women day night it hurts and life is hell.

    Please advise it is very urgent .



    You are responsible in making your life hell. Think about this. Initially she told you that she had an affair with someone. She may not told you about physical relationship. But later on she herself told you, this is her honesty.
    Suppose you marry another women who may also have physical relationship with someone but she does not disclose with you then? Everybody has past. She may not mature enough at that time so this mistake happened by her. How much punishment you will give to her?
    Please don’t live in past. Live in present. 2 years is too much time. You have already taken peace of your and her life. So now be a mature man.
    Breaking a relationship is not easy. This will also not give you gurantee that in future you will get a good women.

    Start looking to her good thing.
    Do some meditation.
    If you feel then go for psycho therapy definately.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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