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    I am 23 year old guy, a trainee in a multinational IT company.
    In my team I met a girl of same age. She is also a trainee. We started as a good friend. I helped her in many instances and whenever she was in problem I stood beside her.
    I have a good friend impression on her.
    But these days god knows what is happening to me – I don’t know.
    I start thinking of her. Most of the time she is in my mind. Its not like a sexual attraction. But its like if she would be my girlfriend I would be complete.
    The turning point came to my life when I came to know that she already has a boyfriend. This thing completely demoralizes me. I feel like crying. She often tells me stories of boyfriend and my heart fills with grief. She often complains at that time – that my eyes are turning red… why!!!
    Then I rush to the Rest Room and try to cry but I cannot. I give splash of water on my eyes and return back.
    Once I thought to confess in-front of her. But I fear if she refuses and break the friendship. I dont know what to do…. Whether to compromise with friendship or to confess.
    But if she accepts I will marry her for sure.
    I also started liking to be alone.
    Please help me.


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    Ya… i am fine now.. I dealt with the situation now.. Feeling good. Thanks Prachi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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