Wife goes mad during anger.

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    I am facing a very big problem & need advice & solution for the same. I have been married since 3+ years but still not able to understand married relationship. The main problem i am facing in a relationship is whenever my wife is angry with me on some issue, she is unable to control her anger & for a time being let’s say 2 days she is uncontrollable. She break all the things which get in contact to her like photo frames, mobiles, TV & AC remotes, everything which she can see in front of her. When I try to stop her she starts abusing me & start saying bad words for my family. In every fight which shape up like this she always threaten me to commit suicide & lodge a false police complaint against me & my family. Several times she tried to cut her veins. But after this fight is over she starts to blackmail me that all those things which are broken, as you are responsible for them & you have to buy all these things again. After her anger dies she is back to normal & whenever i asked her why she become so angry, she says i do not know when i get angry i am unable to control my self. When i told her to visit any marriage Councillor or psychiatrist she says i do not need any psychiatrist, you go & visit psychiatrist.

    I love my wife very much & never cheated on her, there are always small issues which get converted into big fights. Please tell me how to deal with this situation. Because of these issues we are unsure of having a baby till date.

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    Thanks in advance.

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