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    My family is expecting first baby very soon. Her elder sister is married to my relative from my dad side, they have 3 children and lives as tenant at my next building. My wife too is from my mom side and for this i am happy. The problem occurred when my wife started to secretly help her elder sister family and other members of her parents family either by cash or kind. Both my wife elder sister and her husband are both government servants and are earning pretty good. Whenever i finds something about these secrets, i explain to her in all good motives that this is not good and that she should mend her ways. I don’t mind at all when she helps them, i understand the joy of giving. But she always accuses me that i am just plain jealous and also starts challenging me to provide any evidence of my allegations. Comeon…. what is wrong here, her elder sister and her hubby knows very well that i am at all happy with all this. However to my surprise they never correct each other. Is this healthy for a relationship? My wife just says something blah.. blah…blah and never approves clearly what she had done. Her activities toward her sister’s family are never transparent to me. Whatever is happening in my family, my wife tells in detail to her sister, but i never get a clue what’s their story? Anyway why should i be interested. I am the bread-winner of my family, my wife isn’t working. I expect that when my wife help somebody, i should be aware, so that they will acknowledge me and my wife. You see in this way, the blessing is to both the sides. If i am not aware, they will give me the impression that they are not thankful of me at all (since i never care of sharing anything i have), but they enjoy all the fun they received in my absence. How do i deal with this?

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