Wired in life.Please help me out.

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    Dear Respected Sir/Mam
    I am in such a state tht neither i culd take a desion nor move away frm it.Let me says about my background.I am a simply boy frm kolkata.My father died whn i ws 2 yrs.My Mon is a normal nurse in the hospital.She has given me gud education in Isc schl.Today I am here fr her only.Today I hav reached in collage B.A hons 1 yrs.Frm small i had to do all the family work.My cls 10 result ws quite gud 52% which fr me is high after doing all things.My 12 cls result ws 60%.Here i cant decide.I hav only one room my granny is ill frm lst 4 yrs she is in tht same room.My mom goes to work frm her eating and all i hav to do all.Moreovr our house is so much shaky and old it may fall at anytime.

    I wanted to be an Rj.My mom dream fr me to do hotel Management and go away in any other country and get money.Here is my first q wht shuld i do?Secondly she is a little old fashioned,she thinks if i go i will snach her property or either marry someone etc.

    After 4 yrs she wuld be a pension holder.She says do yr collage fr 3 yrs get 1 yr degree and get married.Here is my sec q.I hav no person at my back i culdnt had stand hw culd i destroy others life.

    After all this everytime she cums frm duty she is angry.No time to talk with her.Everytime compromise.I just cant bear.I ws crying in terance.

    Fr this thing i didn’t made any gf or any frd to hang out.My cousins hav so many but i cant.A girl luved me but i didn’t…

    Last two times i hav just passed.The world is nw in compation.Hw culd i cope up?? I am just nt able to study.Everytime people cum to see granny.My studies get distracted.I wanted to go to hostel/Pg but my collage is in front of my house.My mom wont leave.I cant say to my Mom tht i am disturbed.She think collage life easy to go.I am totally confused.I just cant bear it.Please Mam/Sir whoever is seeing my post.
    Please I beg y.I cant.Please Please Please help me.Please


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