Women’s issues

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    Going through some of the posts here, I just could not help but think that oftentimes women are harassed because they don’t speak against the harassment. It’s as though they have forgotten the very fact that they have a mind! I was taken aback by the numerous laments that claimed about abusive husbands and fathers who beat up mothers, only to later reflect, why didn’t rather attempt to put a stop to it the first or second time around?
    I am an absolute social recluse and find solace and company in books and yes, have never had a relationship or boyfriend and the only people I can talk to without cringing internally are my mom, Dad and brother, but even then I think there is a serious need for women to come out more often and not seek solutions in babas, and homeopathy or believe in fates. I think there is a dire need for women to stand up for their rights. And that includes making it clear that you ain’t anybody’s property!
    (bored, lonely and cold on a weekend, and hence the pointless rant. I know it won’t make any difference in the minds of those who practise unadulterated and pure Indian values and traditions)

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