Hi there! I’m in a major fix! For a while now I’ve been noticing some changes in my husband’s behavior, like much more late nights, secretive phone calls, general nervousness around me…I think he’s having an affair. But I’m scared to confront him. How can I handle this? Please help!!!

Vishakha P, Coimbatore.

Dear Vishakha,

Have you seen any concrete proof of your husband’s affair? Like are any of those secretive calls to a girl? Are there any messages on his phone that are suspicious? When he’s late from work, have you tried calling his workplace to find out if he’s actually there? I’m not telling you to spy on him like this, but you must first know whether all those things that are appearing suspicious to you, are indeed lies. Secondly, have you tried to talk to him about this? Find a time when he’s not busy and in a relatively relaxed mode. Then sit with him comfortably and without sounding accusing, try to ask him why he keeps so busy these days. Please dont start crying or act hurt because you don’t even know if he is to blame yet. If he has been seriously neglecting you for some time then you can mention gently that you feel you two don’t spend enough time together and if there’s something that’s bothering him. Even offer to help. If he’s not cheating, chances are , he’ll surely tell you if there is another problem. And then you can take it from there. If he’s indeed having an affair, there will surely be some more give away sings when you have this conversation. Why don’t you give this a shot and get back to us?