Karen Tyrrell took time out of her busy schedule and picked us for her exclusive interview on the Blog Tour for her latest book! Here’s what she shares about the importance of a supportive partner and its contribution to recovery from a mental illness. Kudos to Steve and Karen! We wish them all the best!


How crucial is one’s partner for recovery from a mental illness?

My husband Steve, my watch-dog carer, made sure I took my medication, and kept on my healthy routines. He provided essential feedback at my psychiatrist appointments.

How can someone fighting a mental illness get over the guilt of not completely ‘being there’ for their partner?

Love, forgive and accept yourself. You can only do what’s humanly possible. Seek counsel and talk therapy from a psychologist or counselor.

How can one communicate their thoughts to their partner productively while struggling with a mental illness?

Be open with your partner, communicating your recovery goals. Allow your partner to become involved in the rehabilitation process.

How does mental illness of a loved one affect caregivers? And what can THEY do to maintain their emotional balance in your opinion?

Caregivers are often traumatized and they need nurturing. Caregivers must have their own wellness plan, ongoing counselling and therapy themselves.

Can you name 5 top things along with psychiatric treatment that can help recover from mental illness?

  1. Accept your diagnosis and treatment plan
  2. Nurture a strong support system
  3. Develop a daily wellness plan
  4. Learn what your triggers are and how to avoid them
  5. Develop a wide range of coping skills and strategies

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