• Unless things become better with you and your husband dont have a baby. It will only affect the child and you will be stuck forever. going on a vacationmay have brought you closer to your husband. But your financial status does suggest scope for such expenditure. Try spending more time with your husband. Try to have a new start. Give it 6 months…[Read more]

  • jagritishekhar wrote:
    I am in relationship since 4 yrs and now we are finally going to be married but the thing is our fights is increasing day by day although we solve all those issues but next day again it rises for the same reason my boyfriend is doing job and he mostly be on sites in other cities he says sorry for anything and again repeats…[Read more]

  • Hello Abhilasha,

    Aapki problem bohot saari mahilaaon ke saath hota hai. Main aapko ek simple si baath batati hoon. Agar aapke husband aap se pyaar karte hain aur bhagvaan chahte hain ki aap dono ka rishta bana rahe , toh ye zaroor hoga. Aap himmat math haariye.

    Pehle aap apne husband ko a email ya to letter likhiye. Agar aap phone pe baath…[Read more]

  • Angie wrote:
    I am seeing a guy from last 1.5 yrs. The relationship has always been turbulent, he is very dominating and insists on me telling him slightest of the details of my life. He even abuses me using very foul language when we have fights. He later on says that he regrets using such language , but I only provoke him so much that he ends…[Read more]