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Ms. Trivedi has few degrees in her list of accomplishments. She has a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Degree in Clinical Psychology, Post graduate Diploma (P.G.Dip) in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis and Masters of Arts (M.A.) Degree in Clinical Psychology. She has been part of training programs like Compassionate Communication, NLP communication, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis. She believes that the best education she has received so far is by facing real life challenges, and meeting and knowing more people. She claims that her best source of inspiration and knowledge has been life.

She has an experience of working in different settings, like schools, mental health hospitals and clinics, children’s hospital, counselling centres, non-profitable and non-government organizations. She has also gained research experience by working on couple of research projects. You will also find her articles on Hopenetwork.

She is a patient, active, non-judgmental listener, providing a safe, secure and comfortable space for expressing, sharing and venting. Her positivity in life, a never giving up attitude and acceptance helps in attaining therapeutic goals leading to empowerment of the individual, gaining insight, more clarity, and cherishing self, relationship with others and life. She believes in caring and giving, and you can expect empathetic support from her.

If you need help with personal development, anger management, assertiveness training, career counselling, interpersonal communication, self-esteem and confidence, stress management, emotional conflict, indecisiveness, loneliness, are stuck in the chain of uncontrollable thoughts, sadness and depression, loss of hope, anxiety, mid-life crises, aging related concerns, pain and illness, coping with a break-up, coping with infidelity, feel free to contact her. If you are going through loss, grief and bereavement, she can help and guide you towards the journey of healing. If you are on the path to search for happiness, meaning and purpose in life, she is there to accompany you on this journey.

She looks forward to interacting, knowing you better and working together towards feeling and gaining a better, happy and healthy mind and you. If you wish to avail her services, feel free to contact her on