Hi all! Thank you for an enthusiastic response to the poll on Hope Network. I wanted to know what you think is the most common emotional stressor and Money was the second most worrisome factor in everyone’s life.

It’s easy to see why money is the top choice for everyone. Someone correctly said once, ‘money makes the world go around’. Right from the time we can remember, money is the goal that motivates us, sustains us and even frustrates us. So I thought I’ll add a few words on money as a stressor.

 The reasons.

Most of us would identify with the reasons that make money the one thing that has a hold on all of us.

  • Without money you’re deprived not only of the finer things but also the basic things in life like food,water and electricity.
  • Even as a child, somebody else’s imported toy makes you want to make loads of money when you grow up.
  • Money is what you need to get a good education so that you can make money!
  • To support a family you need the moolah otherwise you can forget about getting married!
  • You spend the rest of your adult life making enough money so that you can retire in peace.
  • And money is the last thing on your mind at the end because you want to leave it fairly to your kids!

 Manage that money.

I won’t give you tips to make a budget or manage your portfolio because you get plenty of them everywhere. These are a few simple little mind techniques based on the psychology of saving money that can help make you feel good about what you have and make the best of it.

  • Get into saving as early as possible in life and it’s never too late to start! So if you read this today, put aside a share of your monthly earnings right this minute and do it every month.
  • Encourage your kids to save a portion of their pocket money, thereby cultivating a saving attitude so that they are better prepared for their future and you have one less thing to worry about.
  • When you make family budgets, involve the whole family in it. Make it a monthly ritual and club it with something pleasant like Pizza night or Movie night to make it something everyone looks forward to. You’ll be surprised at the super-sensible ideas you can get from your family sometimes.
  • Don’t consider budgeting a punishment or limitation. Perceive it as a way of life like brushing teeth or having three meals a day. If you don’t see it as something that limits you, it won’t seem difficult at all.
  • Every time you feel the urge to crib about the money you don’t have, just take a moment to think of someone you know who has less than you do.
  • Prioritize but don’t deprive. As long as you can afford something without long term repercussions, don’t deprive yourself or family of little joys of life. Maybe you don’t have enough to buy a duplex but you can sure afford a family vacation every two years if you save right. Might as well enjoy it rather than feeling frustrated about an unattainable object.
  • Finally, if you’re earning to the best of your capacity at any  given moment, please be at peace with yourself. If you do any more you’ll burn out and spend way more on hospital bills than you’ll make !


Image: graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net