All About Online Therapy

How does Online Psychological therapy/counseling work?

To obtain counseling online, you first have to visit a psychologist/counselor who has a website where you can contact them privately. Then you can share your problem with them and get psychological/counseling help on email, chat, phone call or video chat. Usually on counseling websites you will have to fix appointments with the therapist and they will inform you of their fee per session. You will be required to regularly update your therapist of your progress or hold sessions at fixed time intervals on your medium of choice, in case you’re seeking solutions for long-term issues. If you’re looking for quick advice on some pressing current problem, you can get expert guidance for very affordable fee in just a one-hour session!

Is online therapy/counseling as effective as face-to-face therapy?

Yes, in most cases it can be equally effective. It has been established by research and controlled studies too. In fact, in many cases, through online counseling it is easier to keep track of progress for both therapist and client because unlike face-to-face counseling the client does not have to take off from work to keep up an appointment. They can engage in a session right in the comfort and privacy of their own home which makes them more open and comfortable towards the process and more regular with appointments. It is a wonderful option for homemakers who cannot find time away from kids and responsibilities of home. They can fix appointments according to their own convenience and get the best help right at home!

Who is fit for online therapy?

The problems that can best be helped through online therapy are aspects of personal growth and improvement, self-esteem, anxiety disorders, body image issues, guilt issues, relationship problems, marital issues, and mild depression. Online counseling/therapy is also an excellent option for pre-marital assessment and counseling.

Who is NOT fit for online therapy?

Clients not appropriate for online therapy include those who have suicidal ideation, thought disorders, borderline personality disorder, or unmonitored medical issues. Basically, any client who may be facing a life-threatening emergency or a risk of self-harm or harm to others, is not suitable for online therapy.

How does provide online therapy?

Update: Beginning of Jul 17, premium services have been moved to  You can schedule an appointment with any of our therapists at Hope Therapy Wellness Hub.

This is a brief overview of our process:

Step 1: Visit Wellness Hub.

Step 2: Choose your therapist. On the Therapist’s page, choose medium of communication – Text, Video or Phone Call.

Step 3: Book session and make payment.

Step 4: Your chosen therapist will be informed of your payment and s/he will contact you through your phone/email. Please do check your spam folder.

Step 5: Finalise your schedule with your therapist. Your therapist will be waiting for you at the scheduled time and completely dedicated to helping you for the next hour since all other formalities will be out of the way!

Why does (now charge a fee?

We understand that things would be much easier if we could offer free services. But there are important reasons why we charge a fee for our services:

  • E-therapists are also professional care providers and provide expert specialized techniques of psychological healing. They are fully qualified and as competent as their counterparts who have clinics. Just like you would walk into a doctor’s clinic and pay at the reception before meeting them, you pay a psychotherapist for professional services
  • There is a common misconception that psychologists/psychotherapists are nothing more than listeners. We have been trained rigorously for years in our trade and have sharpened our skills after dealing with thousands of patients, and so we bring considerable expertise to your treatment. If you just want someone to listen to you or a shoulder to cry on, there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about that either and you could always turn to a friend, spouse or family member for that.
  • If a service is free, you always get less than you deserve or less than is actually helpful. Without charging a fee the psychologist/therapist may not be able to devote sufficient time to your requirements. On the other hand, if you’re being charged a fee, there is a professional agreement between you and your therapist and a true commitment to provide you the best service!
  • E-therapists and e-psychologists make their living with online psychotherapy and counseling so they deserve to be paid for the skilled service provided. It is their profession and it is a simple professional exchange between you and them. You are getting something of value and you give something in return.
  • Some therapists may also negotiate a fee reduction in case of severe financial crisis or limited means but please do not take advantage of their kindness because you will then miss out on quality service that is easily accessible to you in the comfort of your home/office and you will not be able to reap the benefits of consistent quality help.
  • If you want an assurance of timely personalized help, it is always better to consult a therapist who charges a fee but help is guaranteed.

How much is the fee at

The fee at is completely affordable. Our payment plans are at par with any professional therapy service at a clinic. Our payment plans for the various modes of communication available on the Home Page. For therapists who use different payment plans, you will be able to see their fees against their profiles there. We also have a directory of therapists. These therapists would have their own fee plans.

Finally, we believe, the Joker summed it up perfectly–

Got it. But I still can’t afford it. Is there ANY way to get free advice?

There is! We do understand that sometimes it is just not possible to pay up or you may not think it is worth the fee. In that case, we have dedicated discussion forums, created for the Community where you can get advice from your peers – people who are probably in the same boat as you or have faced similar issues. When you share your problems on our forums, your peers can help share your pain or tell you methods that they have tried in the past. After all, troubles always feels less painful when we share them, right?

What other information can I receive on Hope Network?

From time to time you will get to read articles written by Prachi S Vaish and other contributors on pressing psychological issues that will help you in various aspects of life. You can also find practical information in some articles like telephone numbers and contact information of relevant experts in a particular field. We also have an information database for suicide helplines etc. that can help you in times of emergency. Hope Network will also invite expert guests to answer queries related to a specific area of interest like fitness, teen issues, school psychology etc. You will be informed in advance and can post your queries once the expert is on board.

Can I contribute to Hope Network?

We welcome, in fact encourage, any contribution from readers and visitors. If you’re an expert in any field of psychology, you can contact us to appear as guests if you’re interested.

If you are someone who has gone through a particular experience and thinks it would help others if you share or just want to pour your heart out, you are very welcome to use the contact form and share without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Hope Network promises to carry your word across and help those who might be in the same boat by sharing your experience (anonymously if you prefer). If you don’t belong in either category, you can still help by spreading awareness about Hope so that someone somewhere in need can find help here.