Prachi S Vaish is an Expert freelance writer for, the web portal for India’s leading magazine, Femina. Here you can find excerpts and links to her most read articles that feature on Femina. Enjoy!

In love with two?

RELATIONSHIPS: Do you think it’s possible to be in love with two people at a time? Read what girls like you and me have to say about it and read some real life experiences of someone who faced this issue.


Is your relationship slumping with fatigue?

RELATIONSHIPS: After pumping in nearly 9 years into her relationship with john, Bipasha reportedly said that she is enjoying life without the baggage that a relationship brings. Do we really get tired of a long relationship? Then how can we make a life-long commitment? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish analyses…


The Stiletto Secret

EVERYDAY PSYCHOLOGY: The clip-clop of stilettos will make heads turn anywhere. But what is it about these slender weapons of seduction that lures men and women with equal force? Prachi S Vaish finds out.

Emotional Abuse: Are you too vulnerable?

ABUSE: Your partner seems angry most of the time lately and being around him is like walking on egg shells. Is it just a bad phase in your relationship or something more? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S. Vaish helps you explore.


Break Free from Emotional Abuse

ABUSE: Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish trains you on recognizing emotional or psychological abuse and also lists out a few options for you to empower yourself or your friend, if trapped in emotional abuse.


Snip away textual vioelnce

CYBERBULLYING: Everyone has access to everyone’s number and this is the perfect breeding ground for digital bullies and ‘textual violence’. Clinical Psychologist Prachi S. Vaish decodes ‘textual harassment’ for you and recommends a plan of action to banish those beeps!


10 signs he has a hidden agenda

PSYCHOPATHOLOGY/SERIAL KILLERS: Drawn to the handsome stranger at the bar? Find the guy you have just met too good to be true? Criminal history shows that the most deadly psychopaths were the most charming. Clinical psychologist Prachi S Vaish familiarises you with ten signs in that ‘interesting’ guy that should warn you of danger.


Is India unsafe for women?

SAFETY: In a recent global perception survey conducted by TrustLaw, 213 gender experts from five continents were asked to zero in on 5 Most Dangerous Countries for Women. India was ranked fourth. Do you feel that women in India are really that unsafe and that our country’s name on the list is justified? We probed the fair sex view all across the country and beyond and found shocking eye openers. By Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish


Excerpts from a shopaholic’s journal

SHOPAHOLICS:  shopaholic opens up her journal for us to understand her spending and purchasing frenzies, why she over spent and how she controlled the addiction. Read the excerpts and see the world through her eyes.


Top 5 mistakes that can ruin new love

RELATIONSHIPS: You’ve known him three weeks and yet you ask him to pick up tomatoes on his way over to your place…not a good idea! Why? Simply because your comfort level may not be the same as his! Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish lists a few moves you should avoid just yet.


Are you nurturing a toxic friendship?

RELATIONSHIPS: ave you ever wondered if a so-called friend has become excess baggage? You can’t walk away because it would hurt her, but you can’t stay either because it hurts you. Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish guides you on when “it’s time to let go.”


Duped at 30?

RELATIONSHIPS/BREAK UP: You’re 30 and you had it all figured out – a career, the good life and a great guy to walk down the aisle to, real soon. Turns out, he’s got other plans! Are you too late at 30 to pick up the pieces and start fresh? Prachi S.Vaish, Clinical Psychologist investigates.


‘We need to talk’

RELATIOSNHIPS/COMMUNICATION: The fastest way to send your man packing is to say these four words! But sometimes talk is all you need, so how to get him to sit on that table with you? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish presents five ways to clinch this near-impossible task!


Match your Personality Kundali

PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING: You’re all set to wed him but somewhere deep down you wonder… am I making the right choice? Is he really who I think he is? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish tells you about a modern day technique that lets you peep into his psyche like never before!


Is your relationship normal?

RELATIONSHIPS: ‘Am I supposed to do that?’ ‘Is his reaction and behaviour normal?’ ‘Does this mean we are going to break up?’ Questions like this can be quite a downer for any relationship. But surprisingly, a lot of things you thought were weird are actually normal! Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish lists a few… take a deep breath!


Love, longing and sexting

RELATIOSNHIPS/SEX/LONG DISTANCE: Brought into the media glare by Tiger Woods and his dalliances, sexting is all of a sudden the new issue for debate. Wondering whether it’s all bad or could something good come out of it? Read on as Clinical Psychologist Prachi S. Vaish reveals the good, bad and ugly facets of sexting!


‘I conquered Trypanophobia’

PHOBIA: Nobody likes doctors and needles, but when you can’t enter the clinic even in a matter of life and death, you might need help. Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish brings the story of one such brave-heart who conquered her phobia.


Heartbreak Lessons

RELATIONSHIPS/BREAK UP: Clinical Psychologist Prachi S. Vaish gets a few Femina readers to reveal what they learned from their split, etching out for you how each heart break can teach you a lesson.


My dear cheater…

RELATIONSHIPS/CHEATING: It’s the deadly calm after the storm; your man strayed, you got to know, he apologized and now you’re wondering whether you should take another chance on your relationship. Can there be odds for happiness together after an extra marital affair? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S. Vaish talks to a prey of the ultimate betrayal and finds out what happens after.


Are you in the dumping zone?

RELATIONSHIPS/BREAK UP: You know your man has not been the same lately but should you be worried or is it just a phase? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish guides you on how to read the telltale signs of a split ’round the corner.


Mom and me

RELATIONSHIPS/FAMILY: Most of us take the presence of both the parents for granted to the extent that it’s almost impossible to imagine an alternate scenario. But there are women just like you who have braved the tests of time with just their moms as their beacon. Prachi S Vaish brings you the stories of three such winners


When sorry seems to be the hardest word…

RELATIONSHIPS/COMMUNICATION: You had a nasty argument, you don’t want to go to bed mad at each other but ‘sorry’ just isn’t coming to your lips. Sounds familiar? Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish shows you ways to diffuse a clash without actually uttering the five-letter word.