Thank you for your interest in directory.

Our aim is to bring all therapists and mental health service providers to one platform. Towards this, we are launching the Directory, exclusively for Psychology and related fields.

The Directory is currently in Beta stage. While at beta stage, we are offering the opportunity to be listed in the directory for free. Regular charges will be commence after we roll out the product in final stage.

In addition, we will also offer free listing of our 10 early bird advertisers for next four months on advance payment of 12 months charges. To illustrate, you will pay for 12 months, and your ad will run for 16 months!!

It’s a benefit of over 33%.

Price: Our regular rate for listing is a very affordable Rs 500/- per month. Payable either six-monthly or annually.  The advance payment would ensure protection from price hikes in future.

Mode of Payment The subscription fee can be paid via online bank transfer/ direct cash deposit to

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.  Please keep the reference numbers/ receipt for such payments safe as they could come handy in case of any dispute.

Clients from outside India can pay be PayPal. Please contact us or email [email protected].

Publication of Your Listing  Once you register and pay for your subscription, your account will be activated as an advertiser on our site.  You will see an additional link Create/ Edit Your Ad on the main menu.  Clicking on this link would open a form for you to fillin your details. Once you update your entries and submit, your listing will go live on till the time you hold a valid subscription.

Modification of Your Listings. We take the information published on our website very seriously.  We may at our sole discretion, alter/ modify or completely remove your listing if we find it is not suitable for our website.  Offending content could be anything but not limited to one or more of the following:

  • Not relating to mental health/ psychology
  • Not in good taste
  • Deals with pornography or illegal activities
  • Any other content not permitted as mentioned in Terms and Conditions

You can modify and alter your listings as many times as you desire until your subscription expires.

Promoting Your Ads.  We have the right to promote your listings on platforms of our choosing.  We reserve the right to publish your ads within the website or with the third party, online or offline.  Such promotion of your ads could be done with or without an intimation to you.

Refunds/Cancellations.  Cancellations/ Refunds or re-appropriating subscription period are not permitted for the ads. For further clarification, please visit Refunds & Cancellations

Disclaimer Publication of your ad does not guarantee any changes weather positive or negative on your business.  As on 21 Jun 2016,  features in first page of Google and Bing searches for various psychology related terms.  However, this position is not sacrosanct and can vary.  We do not and can not control the Search Engine results.  Hence, current position in the search results can vary in future. We are merely offering you the use of our site for publishing your advertisements.

Please note that the terms and conditions are likely to change without prior notice.  We do undertake to notify you by your registered email address and on our website in case such changes do occur.  Please ensure that you have taken measures as appropriate to ensure that our emails reach your mail account and are read by you.