HopeNetwork.in is launching the concept of group sessions for the first time in India through The Grief Transition Program. Under this program, we are creating a safe, non-judgmental, unconditional environment in the guidance of a qualified Clinical Psychologist (who herself has lost a loved one by death, and gone through the process of healing). We bring you this service absolutely free of cost. No fees. No hidden charges – only support.

We are bringing together a group of people who share a common tragedy – the loss of a loved one, and we are creating a circle of trust where you can share, cry, and express your innermost pain, with a friend, guide, and supportive figure.


If you want to participate in this journey of healing, then register using the form below. There are limited slots per group to keep the sharing comfortable and private, and you will be notified via email of the acceptance.

The Grief Transition Program

Group Aims and Guidelines

To come together in a supportive manner for those who are grieving over the death of a loved one. To provide a safe and secure environment where we can talk, cry, share our anger, guilt and fears with others who understand.

Members mutually agree:

  • That the meetings begin on time.
  • That what is shared during meetings is confidential, and may not be spoken of outside the group.
  • That members are free to share how they are individually managing their own experiences, but should not expect others to adopt or copy their own process, or seek to impose their beliefs on others.
  • That members share the responsibility to listen to each other without comment or interruption, and to afford each member the opportunity to participate in group sessions. Often there are issues with our grieving process that may require professional help so please feel free to approach the guiding Psychologist after group session if you would like to enlist their help.