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ad for recruitmentWHO DO WE WANT TO WORK WITH US?

Imagine being a mind detective – each client is a new case, each symptom is a clue to the deepest recesses of his mind, and the process of therapy the exciting process of piecing together the final puzzle – can you think like that?

Be all in and use your head AND heart.

Serious intuitive power is required to work in this environment.

When you think you’ve done enough for a client, go one more step and do BETTER.

Know, learn and keep yourself updated with all there’s about Psychology. Trust us – just when you think you know enough, something around the corner will surprise you!

Be ready to CHANGE. Change is good. Keep an open mind. Nobody knows it all.

Be friends with your mentors here. Share a cup of coffee over Skype. APPLY what they suggest.

NEVER be afraid to follow your instinct about a client. Break the mould. Get out of the box.

Can you think beyond CBT? Can you stop your mind from going into checklist mode as soon as a client starts talking? Can you resist restricting them in a diagnosis?

Most importantly, can you SEE the client beyond their issues?

If you can do all that, BE all that, we are perfect for each other!


  1. Inclusion in our core panel of experts provides you exclusive access to our clientele and gives you the benefit of receiving direct client referrals form the traffic that comes to HopeNetwork.in.
  2. Being accepted and selected into the core panel DOES NOT place you under any kind of employment contract with HopeNetwork.in.
  3. The core panel is a voluntary group of like-minded experts aiming to provide best possible psychological services to consumers.
  4. You will be provided an exclusive detailed profile and a private contact form once you are selected in the core panel.
  5. Referrals come either on your private contact form or through HopeNetwork.in’s common intake form.
  6. Hopenetwork.in charges Rs 150 for every referral that comes to you (direct or common).
  7. The bill for total number of referrals in generated every 30 days.
  8. In case you are unable to convert a client for sessions or for some reason discontinue with the client, the referral fee is non-refundable.
  9. Once the client has been referred to you, he/she becomes your project.HopeNetowrk.in will not interfere in your dealings with that client because we respect your privacy with your client.
  10. However, to uphold the service quality standards, HopeNetwork.in reserves the right to employ methods like mystery shopping, random inspection of session transcripts for therapeutic supervision, and feedback from visitors of HopeNetwork.in, to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients. Complete care will be taken to ensure that client’s confidentiality is not compromised in these cases.
  11. in also reserves the right to edit your profile to ensure that it provides the best access to visitors and clients. If you feel uncomfortable with any changes, you can approach with your suggestions.
  12. We at HopeNetwork.in, are always finding new ways to improve. Improvements in services, approach to clients, the website as such are just a few examples. A change is never solitary, and many times new rules and regulations are brought in with every improvement. Such changes will be applicable to EVERY member of the core team, with NO exceptions.
  13. In case you wish to withdraw from the core team at any time, you will need to turn in a one month notice to HopeNetwork.in.
  14. In case of your withdrawal, HopeNetwork.in will inform your clients that you are no longer associated with us.


Please do read the terms and conditions as provided on HopeNetwork.in.