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Out of many painful things that we suffer once in a lifetime; a breakup can be one of them. Breakup is a term used by unmarried couples who get separated from a relationship. But it can also be used for a married couple who part their ways through a divorce.

When you have spent a good amount of time with someone it gets hard to live without that person. Sometimes separation hits a person so badly that he/she can go do depression or suffer from anxiety.

To help people from it there are a lot of mental health therapists. They provide online counselling to give hope and confidence to people who do not want to live alone.

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What Is A Breakup?

Breakup is a term used very commonly nowadays. Knowing a person for a couple of weeks and getting separated does not fall under a breakup. This happens when your thoughts do not match another person and you decide to not move forward with it.

Whereas, a breakup has a very deep meaning. When two people know each other for months or years; commits a promise to be with each other for a lifetime. But then suddenly any one person in a relationship wants to part ways or starts feeling burdened in a relationship and thinks to put a full stop to the relation.

A breakup does not only mean to end the relationship. It also means to stop talking, seeing, and sharing things with each other.

Although a breakup is not always negative for some people it brings positivity and more happiness when you are in a toxic relationship. On the other hand, for some people, it means the end of the world, the desire to live dies within them.

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What Causes A Breakup?

There can be a lot of causes for a breakup. Sometimes it happens on a small misunderstanding, in other cases the fight reaches a point when two people do not even want to see each other.

In many cases it is seen that couples enjoy their relationship in the initial days but as time passes by they understand that it was just attraction and that both of them have different opinions and choices. People also break up when there are abuse, fights, and stress in the relationship. Sometimes the situation gets so worse that the partner suffers from physical violence. Another reason can also be having an affair with someone else, cheating is one of the most common reasons for a breakup.

One partner maintains relationships with someone without caring about their partner’s feelings and then later on the relationship ends. One of the reasons for break up is also when two individuals feel that their life values and goals are different.

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How To Cope-Up With Break Up?

Coping up with a breakup is not an easy task for everyone. When a person has invested a lot in a relationship then breaking up can affect his mental health. When going through a harsh breakup people even try to end their lives.

If you or any of your close ones are going through a breakup and not able to live a healthy life that person should take professional help. Before the breakup starts affecting your health you should seek breakup counselling.

What Is A Breakup Counselling?

During the breakup counselling, the counsellor/therapist can help a person in addressing any type of guilt or self-blame and help him to come to terms with the end of a relationship.

Breakup counselling is also helpful if, after a breakup, someone feels suicidal, depressed, or angry. The counsellor helps a person in living a healthy life and gives a new start to a new relation.

HopeNetwork.in has experts who provide relationship counselling and breakup counselling. The therapists have helped a lot of individuals in giving them a new chance to live. The counsellors work 24×7 to help people in need. They are available via call, video call, chat, and email. All the counsellor takes care of the privacy of their clients and keeps the conversation confidential. The charges of the sessions are so low that even a student suffering from a bad relationship breakup can take the sessions without a second thought.

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FAQ's for Breakup Counselling

Can Counselling help a broken relationship?

Yes, without a doubt counselling can help in repairing the relationship and if someone has already broken the relationship counselling can heal that person too.

How long after a breakup do you feel better?

When the relationship was serious and long it might take two to three months to start feeling better and move on from the last relationship.

Should I see a therapist for a breakup?

If you feel that the breakup is affecting your mental health or you are not talking to anyone or do not feel like going out or meeting friends you should see a therapist.

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