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Relationship counselling, is a form of therapy that helps couples save their relationship when all hope is lost. This approach doesn’t follow the rule of giving advice or suggestions on how to save it but encourages people instead, to open up and talk about the problems that truly exist in the relationship.

In short, it is a professional environment that facilitates smooth communications between couples who are unable to do it on their own. It might be an uncomfortable experience in the beginning because of all the information that needs to be disclosed to the expert and even to your partner. Also, most counsellors will give you exercises that need to be done together after the session is completed. It is non- discriminatory in nature, so it doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual or you belong to the LGBTQ community. The entire purpose of relationship online counselling is to help you save it from falling apart.

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In human experience, a healthy relationship is a basic foundation of our existence but it’s no surprise that love and companionship are followed by conflict and differences. All human beings have different outlook towards life, and having a different opinion is nothing but a natural occurrence. However, this has a tendency to overpower all other feelings and emotions, which causes relationship difficulties.

Most problems arise when partners give more importance to their ego’s rather than each other. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get your relationship back on track. However, despite all the difficulties, if both partners care to save the relationship, then online counselling can become the first step towards it.

There are some common signs that you need to consult a counsellor/expert to save your relationship. The first sign is that every conversation turns into an endless argument which later ends up into not talking to each other for days. Your sex life becomes inactive and there’s always a feeling of secrecy at both ends. It starts to feel like there are two people living and leading separate lives under one roof rather than being a team. In a nutshell communication becomes extremely difficult, as if the other person isn’t interested in resolving the ongoing issues. So, if you think your relationship is in trouble, do not wait.​

Seek professional help as soon as possible, consult a psychologist/counsellor or ask a doctor. There are other steps that can be taken on an individual level to instantly lower the intensity of the ongoing complications.

First step is to be honest with yourself and your partner. Be an active listener and try to understand each other’s perspective. You can also make a list of things that give rise to problematic situations in your relationship and change them consciously.

Be open to each other and discuss things that appear to be negative from your viewpoint. Apologise more often without being fearful of being judged by your other half. Try not to put your ego above your relationship and remember the promises and feelings when you first started the relationship.

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