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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to treat a wide range of issues. It has become one of the most preferred online therapies of everyone because with the help of it you can easily identify and cope with specific challenges.

As CBT counselling is very effective one does not need to take so many sessions, the problem of a person gets resolved in fewer sessions than other types of therapies. A person who gets involved with CBT counselling can easily cope up with stress, complicated relationships, and can face a lot of other common life challenges.

Let’s understand the meaning of it and why its demand is increasing in online counselling.

What Is CBT Counselling (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)?

CBT is one of the forms of psychotherapy which focuses on how a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect their feelings and behaviors. Research has proved that CBT offers support to people who suffer from depression, stress, Panic attacks, and various other health conditions.

The main purpose of CBT is to help you in identifying and exploring the ways your emotions and thoughts affect your actions. Once you understand that pattern it becomes easy for you to begin learning to reframe the thoughts in a positive and helpful way.

CBT counseling solely works on making your thoughts positive because it is believed that the way you behave and act will depend on your thoughts. Hence, when you are stressed you will not be able to think positively and in this situation, you might make decisions that you normally would not make ordinarily.

How Does CBT Work?

During CBT one type of technique is not followed rather it involves many techniques. The counselor sits with you to find out which technique will work best for you to replace unhelpful or self-defeating thoughts with encouraging ones.

Some of the famous techniques that are used in CBT are –

  • Guided Questioning : Sometimes the answer to you every problem is with you but you do not know what questions you should ask yourself to get the answer. Your therapist guides you on how to ask questions to yourself so that you can overcome assumptions.
  • SMART goals : SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited. During the therapy sessions, your therapist will guide you on how to work according to SMART goals to be more productive.
  • Self-Talk : In this technique, the therapist asks you what kind of self-talk you do to yourself. What you tell yourself about a certain situation matters a lot. The therapist guides you to replace negative and critical self-talk with compassionate and constructive self-talk.
  • Journaling : Many therapists also tell their client to jot down negative beliefs that come to your mind during the whole week and the positive ones you can replace them with.

What Can Be Cured By CBT?

Being one of the most effective therapies CBT has the power to cure many health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But not only mental health conditions are cured with it, CBT can also help with relationship difficulties, Grief or loss, breakup, chronic pain, insomnia, etc.

If you are planning to take CBT to keep in mind that results take time, CBT lasts between 5 to 20 weeks. It is going to take some time before you will start to see the result but once you complete the therapy it will be worth the wait. Just keep practicing the techniques that your therapist has suggested to you.

HopeNetwork.in is the online counselling platform where the therapists are trained to help you in with cognitive-behavioral therapies. The therapists use different methods and techniques to help you. Not only are they available for you 24X7 but also speak your preferred language. The counsellors so far have helped many people and are working towards the goal to provide a healthy and happy lifestyle to all those in need. You do not need to worry about privacy here as all the conversations are between you and your therapist only.

FAQ’s for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

How Is CBT Different From Counselling?

In CBT the therapist and a client work together to change the behavior or thinking pattern of a client. Whereas counseling is more about finding your solutions through active listening.

Can I Do CBT On My Own?

One can try a few CBT techniques at home such as reading books, journaling, meditation, etc. but if the problem continues it is best to go to a therapist.

How Long Does It Take For CBT To Work?

For CBT to be successful it takes almost 12 to 20 weeks to work. It takes a little more time in CBT for results to show.

What Is The Success Rate Of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

The success rate of CBT is 70 to 75 percent. It has been very effective in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

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