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Depression Counselling is one of the many effective tools of the modern world that helps in fighting the most common form of mental illness known as depression. This form of therapy helps individuals to reflect on their emotional state and yet be efficient in their day to day life. Online Counselling has come as a lifesaver as you can consult a psychologist online from the comforts of your home.

How did it gain importance?

It started when it was clearly established that depression affects millions of people across the world. It makes everything difficult, even getting out of bed may seem like a difficult task. It makes your body and mind sluggish, resulting in lowered productivity and inefficiency.

Later experts recognized the dangerous psychological and physiological effects on people who suffered from depression. You may not be surprised to know that common physical illnesses like heart attack, unusual heart rhythm, cardiovascular diseases, increased or unstable blood pressure, and insomnia/oversleeping may stem from depression.

Others may experience lack of hunger/overeating, some may gain or lose enormous amounts of weight in a short duration of time etc. Psychologically, it can push an individual towards overthinking, negative thinking and social anxiety. It could lead to poor concentration power and even reduced ability to make decisions in daily life. Some individuals may experience low mood, hopelessness, loss of interest in pleasure and social events and much more.

What do you do if you think you are in depression?

It has become the most common mental illness in the world because of its ability to stem from almost any aspect of life. So if you see someone showing any of the signs hinting towards depression, recommend them online counselling or you could motivate them to consult a doctor or a psychologist.

Or, what do you do when you see a friend in depression?

The unfortunate reality is that many people don’t even realise that they suffer from or are suffering from depression their whole life. And this affects their work, personal and social life, turning everything against them. There are many reasons that can cause depression; however, it depends on individual life situations and daily choices. Some common reasons for the cause are unemployment, financial crisis, and unhealthy relationships with spouses, parents and even children. Some may get depressed due to sudden loss of a loved one or a major life changing episode like separation or divorce. In some cases, experts also see chronic stress as one of the major contributors that cause depression.

It is highly recommended to consult a psychologist or ask a doctor for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Self Help Techniques

However, there are other ways that could help people get rid of depression with no external help. These self help techniques have proven to be effective and have helped people with mental illnesses, resulting in improved health conditions. They include deep breathing and meditation practices, regular exercising, writing your thoughts in a thought challenge diary, which helps you reflect on how you feel. Some research suggests eating plant based foods like leafy vegetables and fruits as they are high in nutritional content like essential vitamins and minerals that can help in lifting the mood.

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