Privacy Policy

At HopeNetwork.in we take online privacy seriously and respect the concerns of our community of users. Here, in our privacy policy section, we describe our privacy practices concerning information we collect through HopeNetwork.in in order to help you to make an informed decision on how you share information when you visit or use the site, as well as your rights in determining what we do with the information that we collect or hold about you.

Collection Of Personal Information

We may collect information, including personal data, directly from you if you wish to provide that information. Such as you may need to provide us with your username, password, address, phone number.

The information collected automatically when you visit our site may include your IP address, geographical location, the type of device you are using, and how you use and interact on our website.

While using our website we automatically collect certain information about your visit using tools such as cookies to store and receive a particular kind of information.

Also, while interacting with us all the kinds of communication that you have with HopeNetwork.in is also collected.

How We May Use Information Collected By Us

The sole purpose of using your personal information is to give you a better-personalized experience. With your permission we use your personal information to improve our marketing and promotions, analyze the data, improve the content, services offered, layout, and a few other aspects of the websites in order to make it more user friendly.

We understand that the data provided by is highly sensitive and personal. Hence, only on your consent and permission to HopeNetwork.in to track your IP address and save cookies on your device we personalize the experience for you. Without your consent, this data is never used or shared with any of their parts.

If you are using any of the services provided by HopeNetwork.in we collect your information which includes Personal Information, User Data, and other information related to your access and use of the services, and may retain it for a limited period as necessary.

To give you a seamless experience on our website we also use the data collected through cookies, log files, devices identified, location data, and clear gifs information for a number of reasons for instance- firstly, to remember the information to provide you an easy and quick access when you visit the website again. Secondly, to provide personalized content and information and improve our services. Lastly, to monitor and diagnose tech problems.

For the services we provide on phone, chat, or email, the third party analytics tools are also used by HopeNetwork.in to measure traffic and other usage trends for the website. Additionally, we collect and use this information in the form of anonymized logs, so that it cannot be used to identify any particular individual user.

Kindly be noted that HopeNetwork.in, its affiliates, or any third party engaged shall never use the personal information to personally identify any user.

Protecting Personal Information

It is to inform you that any information that has been shared by you with our online counsellors during the counselling sessions, shall never ever be shared with HopeNetwork.in, its employees, agents, or any of the third-party contractors or even with other counsellors.

Only in the situations when HopeNetwork.in feels that there is a significant or real threat to you, your health, or public safety, we can share the information either in writing or orally with our experts. Also, if it is the information that is needed by any authority or law. To provide you with the best customer service, quality assurance, and training purposes calls may be monitored or recorded.

How We May Share The Collected Information

Talking about the sharing of the data, the information is shared only with the business that is legally part of the same group of companies that HopeNetwork.in is a part of.
In order to maintain 100% anonymity, while sharing the data we remove the parts of the data that may identify you. The information is combined in a way that it no longer gets associated with you.

Whereas, if any personal information or data is posted by you on any social media account, it can be shared, re-shared, re-posted by us, or used by HopeNetwork.in technical experts for analysis, research or studies.

But, be assured that any of your personal information will never be shared by us without your prior consent.

Although, we may share your data if it is needed or requested by the law or any court or law agency for various purposes

  • Verification of identity.
  • For the Prevention, Detection, Investigation including cyber incidents.
  • For prosecution and punishment of offenses.

We request you to maintain and keep the privacy of your account always. You are solely responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your password, and user identification. HopeNetwork.in accepts no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information relating to such usage of Credit cards and or Debit cards by the user in any form online or offline.