Do I Have Trust Issues In My Relationship?

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Have you ever questioned your relationship in terms of trust, love? Do you think your partner is forever going to love or stay with you? Or, do you think you are awake at night and await betrayal, have problems with commitment or feel lonely or depressed? Chances are you have some trust issues.

Well, relationship things are complex. A relationship is something that it jumpstarts in the beginning. But when gradually you spend more time, there are many layers that you might not have recognised in the beginning.

And, when you recognise some issues, you might face relationship problems. One such problem is infidelity or being cheated upon which can have a devastating effect on the mental well being of the other person.

And, not just the person who is being cheated on, but the person who is cheating too. He/she might have some deep-rooted psychological issues such as sex problems, attention-seeking tendencies, low self-esteem, escapism or something else.

All this is responsible for trust issues that create psychological problems for which you might need online relationship counselling.

If you are a victim of infidelity, do not try to rationalise your partner’s actions. This doesn’t mean that you are not good enough or you cannot trust another person. But all you need is a bit of time and trust.

Some steps that you can consider to self-help if you have cheated on someone or been cheated on:

  • Consider why you did it or why they did it.
  • Apologize sincerely.
  • Give your partner time.
  • Let their needs guide you.
  • Clear communication.

Or, if you are not able to do self-help, you can benefit from counselling. Just remember you do not have to fear in future relationships. Your couple counsellor or relationship counselling expert can help find the underlying problem and in return give more empathy to each other.

In some cases, through effective online couple counselling, some couples can even work on rebuilding their relationship. But this can only happen when both the partners express how they feel about the situation. Gaining trust is important because otherwise, it can destroy not just relationships but even strong friendships, careers, and marriages.

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