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Friend says he’s gonna commit suicide
I need help for my friend. He lives in another country and I don’t know his friends and family or[...]
Can you guess why?
I am a 28 year old man. My father died when I was 13. A few days back my mother[...]
Hi im 27 and i have swings between intense anxiety and depression for 10 years now. My physical condition is[...]
Would this be considered an OCD thought?
I was driving to work and got behind a certain car and thought to myself, "I must stay behind this[...]
I am in so deep mess. I can't stop crying.
I don't know what's going on in her mind but she don't want a relation anymore. Just because I'm insecure.[...]
I am in deep mess!
There is this boy in my college. We became friends first and then best friends and turned out that I[...]
I'm in desperate need of help
​Hello! I've been having a really strange problem since November, I've been to the doctors and got some bleed tests[...]
How can i stand up for myself?
Hi everyone, I was raped as a little child multiple times by a friend of my mother. He used to[...]
Am I over exaggerating ?
Hello, Two years ago, the love of my life, my boyfriend of 7 years killed himself. Out of nowhere I[...]
I. Can’t sleep
I can’t sleep anymore. I am being woken up by voices or the feeling of someone touching me when no[...]
Prachi S Vaish

Prachi S Vaish

Founder, Chief Psychologist - The Hope Group

Hi, I started the fountainhead of online psychotherapy in India – HopeNetwork.in- back in 2009. It has been my endeavour to make maximum mental health resources available at one place.

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5 Effortless Ways to Reduce Conflicts with your Partner

Hit a roadblock with the partner you’re dating? Here are quick sure-fire ways to resolve the conflict without anger overriding your relationship!

10 ways to spot a predator

These are ten sure shot signs that tell you if the new guy in your life could be looking for a victim instead of a partner, beware!

Why porn can be good for your relationship

One of the most common complaints from wives/girlfriends that comes to me as a therapist is that their partner watches porn and they have a zillion questions about it. This article tries to put those doubts to rest and gives you a few tips on how you can use porn to bring some spice in your relationship!

Light up the Lost Fire Between You and Your Significant Other

Recently, Prachi S Vaish hosted a live session on Facebook and answered live queries from viewers about how to ignite the spark in a long term relationship. There was such tremendous response to that session and the viewers came up with such thought provoking...

Five Signs You Might Be Trying To ‘Fix’ Your Partner

Are you trying to change your wife/ husband? Without knowing it? Clinical Psychologist and Marital Therapist Prachi S Vaish lets you know how you might already be doing it. Read on.

Better Professionals

5 Ways to be a Better Psychotherapist

Mere training is not enough to establish yourself as a good psychotherapist. There are certain thumb rules you can follow to grow and polish yourself as a psychotherapist and sustain a good practice in the long run. Prachi S Vaish lets you in on 5 ways to be a better psychotherapist.

Editor’s Choice

Seven Ways to Manage Bullying

Bullying, as we call it, has become a major issue in our day to day lives. In India, we frequently mistake bullying with normal childhood teasing or youth prodding. But not many people know that Bullying is an act of aggression, which can be described by purposeful,...

Losing my grandmother (and how it changed me)

A girl loses her grandmother and finds it hard to recover from the loss, but this is her true story of how she found her feet again !

A therapist’s list of top 10 songs to lift your mood

Whether you’re struggling with depression, or facing just one of those days when you’re feeling blue, this list of my ten favourite songs will pep you up!

How to Bounce Back From an Affair

So you caught your partner cheating…or your partner caught you. You feel devastated, heartbroken, in shock, and guilty as hell probably. What now? Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert Prachi S Vaish tells you how to bounce back from the impact of an affair.

Extramarital Affairs: Five Emotions the Other Man/Woman Goes Through

The focus of an extramarital affair is usually the couple affected, as it should be. But the third person involved needs to be highlighted as well to understand the entire picture. Clinical Psychologist and Marital Therapist Prachi S Vaish brings to the fore five emotions that the third person in the extramarital affair endures, to show you the other side of this taboo subject.

Surviving Holidays: Grieving tips for special days

Grief can be extra painful during holidays and special days. It seems like you need an extra dose of strength on holidays when you miss your loved ones a little bit more and the memories are painful. Clinical Psychologist and grief counsellor Ruchi Trivedi shares some tips on how to survive this pain and loss during holidays when you miss your loved ones.

Five Things To Remember In a New Relationship

Are you in a new relationship? Clinical Psychologist Ruchi Trivedi puts forward five tips to lead it into a stronger one!


Are you confused about the signals your partner is sending? Here are 10 sure fire signs that he/she might be planning to breakup with you!

5 Ways to Prevent Teenage Problems

Those teenage years. They could be traumatic for parents as well. If only someone could make parenting easy in these times. Relationship Expert Prachi presents a five point formula to help you sale through..

No less of a woman: The decision to have a baby (or not)

I heard a line in a movie today that essentially meant “A woman is not complete till she becomes a mother” and it got me thinking…this kind of thought is probably the reason so many women out there are struggling today with the decision of whether or not to have a...