Self Help Techniques For Victims Of Abuse

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Self Help Techniques for Victims of Abuse

Abuse is real; the pain and suffering of the victim is real too. Only the person who has suffered abuse – be it physical or mental can understand the agony that they have gone through. Only they know what happened to them.

Some people take it through the legal route and pursue justice – and that is the catharsis for them. But some, cannot let the horrid past out and carry the agony inside for years. In both the cases, it becomes almost impossible to diminish the pain and suffering it has caused.

We are not saying that you are supposed to forget the pain but move past it. So, if you have suffered abuse in the past and feel that you want to live in the present, take steps to move forward without it affecting the present or even continue to love and take my loss, my past as the most powerful strength – we pray for more power to you.

We have all met people who are grieving, wake up every morning – trying to get back on their feet, put efforts, live in the present but at the same time, it takes away a lot of energy from them.

HopeNetwork community has some suggestions for people around such individuals that can make the grieving individual’s life a little less painful to move forward:

  • Stand next to them and let them know you are all ears. You might not be able to feel the same emotions of the hardship they have gone through but you can surely empathise.
  • Make no demands. Don’t ever push your perceptions and beliefs on them. See, everybody is fighting their own battles and we need to make sure that we appreciate their efforts.
  • If you can, give them a purpose of their existence for the present, not for the future.
  • Never stop them from talking about the past, present or future. Let them express themselves.
  • Don’t ever ask them to forget their past. For this will not help but rather result in them suppressing their emotions, needs and true feelings. Be empathetic.

These are some self help techniques that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with a grieving individual who has gone through any kind of trauma in life like abuse, grief, loss of some loved one or any kind of emotional or physical distress.

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