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Most frequently asked questions for Online Counselling

Hope Network is an effort to provide online counseling in India and the rest of the world where people can share their problems and thoughts in a trusted environment and seek advice or counsel from psychologists and experts.You also get to read interesting and informative articles and polls about everyday life issues and the psychology behind them.

You can email us at info@hopenetwork.in to directly email our team. One of our therapists will personally respond to your email at the earliest, that’s why don’t forget to include your email ID.

To understand your problems and issues better, sometimes the Psychologist may ask for details like your work, marital status, general background etc. to build a comprehensive sketch of your personality. Also, because psychological counseling is a delicate process, it is important for your therapist to be aware of who you are, in case of an emergency. These details will be kept confidential and will definitely help the expert to analyse your situation better because no counsel can be given without background knowledge.

The first time you meet us, you will have a free session of 20 minutes where you can tell the therapist about your issues. Further sessions and fee structure can be discussed during that first meeting.

From time to time you will get to read articles written by Prachi S Vaish on pressing psychological issues that will help you in various aspects of life. You can also find practical information in every article post like telephone numbers and contact information of relevant experts in a particular field. We are also in the process of building and information database for suicide helplines etc. that can help you in times of emergency.

Hope Network will also invite expert guests to answer queries related to a specific area of interest like physical fitness, teen issues, school psychology etc. You will be informed in advance and can post your queries once the expert is on board.

We will soon start discussion boards where you can express your opinions on prevalent emotional and psychological issues.

We welcome, in fact encourage, any contribution from readers and visitors. If you’re an expert in any field of psychology, you can contact us to appear as guests if you’re interested.

If you are someone who has gone through a particular experience and thinks it would help others if you share or just want to pour your heart out, you are very welcome to use the contact form and share without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Hope Network promises to carry your word across and help those who might be in the same boat by sharing your experience (anonymously if you prefer).

If you don’t belong in either category, you can still help by spreading awareness about Hope Network so that someone somewhere in need can find help here.

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