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These Are Some Frequently Asked Questions That Will Help You Navigate Through HopeNetwork

HopeNetwork is an initiative to provide a comprehensive platform to find best verified, licensed and expert online counsellors, psychologists and therapists in India for people suffering from mental health issues. We provide 100% confidential and anonymous counselling solutions through chat, phone and email. Also, you can read research based informative articles on everyday life issues that will help you navigate through life better and make informed decisions.

You can email directly to us at info@hopenetwork.in and one of our therapists will get in touch with you within 2 hours. Just remember to include your personal email address or phone number according to your convenience.

Well, with the counsellor or the psychologist, you might as well, because it will help them understand your issues better. Personal details like marital status, work, family and general background is some of the important information that is important for any counsellor to build a sketch. Otherwise, all the details that you share with your counsellor is always kept confidential and is not shared with anyone else. Even the psychologist themselves cannot save your personal details. Everything is automated and kept secured.

It depends on the kind of treatment or therapy that is suggested by your counsellor. But we can assure you that we are affordable and have the lowest pricing in place.

We welcome everyone because none of us are alone and strongly believe that. So, if you are an expert in the field of psychology or a practicing counsellor or psychologist, we are always looking to expand our team. If you are someone who has gone through mental health issues and want to share your experience with the community, you are very much welcome to do so. We promise that we will share your word across anonymously if you prefer that way. We also welcome people to write thoroughly researched guest articles for us in the field of psychology that can help others in large. So, we are always looking out for expert writers to contribute to our community of HopeNetwork

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