Dealing with people suffering from Mental illness.

April 23, 2021
Dealing with people suffering from Mental illness.

We all get a little bit depressed and anxious from time to time! It is no big deal our body gets sick so does our mind. Then why do we treat people differently who are suffering from severe forms of it? I mean we offer our sympathies to people who are suffering ailments in the body then why should the mind be so different. We are making them sicker just by our thoughtless actions and needless remarks. Discriminating against them just because they need professional help is just plain cruel and discompassionate.

So how should we accommodate them and rehabilitate them back in our offices and homes?

Dealing with mental illness is often very difficult. Friends, Family and coworkers often are clueless and misinformed as to how to deal with them. But with little guidance and research, we can make their lives a little bit easier.

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Treat them no different.

Reinforcing their views that they are sick and unfit will just put them in more misery. Instead, our focus should be on how to best accommodate them without making them feel different and isolated. Compassionate help would be of great use as knowing there is someone for them is reassuring and relieving. Make sure not to be over helpful as it will make them feel as they are unfit or disabled. The correct measure will be difficult to acquire but with a little patience will surely come.

Conduct Research and Get advice.

With so many websites and books available, it will not be difficult to get the right approach and manner. Thorough research and counselling before dealing with them especially if you are friends and family is a must. Expert advice on how to speed up their recovery should be thought of. The Mental Health of such a person is often volatile and unpredictable but you must not lose hope if signs of recovery are not there.

Listen to their problems without judgement.

How many of us have the patience of listening to the problems of others and that too without judgement. Sharing our problems with others make our lives easier and burden smaller. Judging them however will make them feel guilty and unloved worsening their situation. Taking their opinion and listening to their problems make them feel wanted and worthy.

Make their lives a little bit easier.

You can help them by making their lives a little easy thereby lightening their load. Take a couple of hours from your day and help them in their work assignments and projects. If you are good at cooking make a special lunch or dinner it will make them feel special. Help them with their household chores. You must however take note that you must not do everything for them as it will make them feel unfit.

Respect their personal Boundaries and give them space.

Healing with mental illness usually take a long time it is a period of introspection and dealing with our mind. Some alone time is required by people to relax and recuperate. We should not be over-attached or clingy towards them to make them feel suffocated. However, we must not completely leave them alone and isolated as it may worsen their situation

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