Sex Counselling

There is no denial to the fact that all couples be it married or unmarried go through phases where either they don’t have the time or the energy for sex. If this is what, as a couple, you have been facing, then, it is time that you seek sex counselling or a sex therapy therapist.

A good sex therapists can help you. It is natural to want better sex with your partner or work on improving your sex life. Just remember, don’t be embarrassed but ask a therapist online.

So, what is Sex Counselling?

Sex counselling / therapy is something that can help you improve your physical intimacy in your love life. At HopeNetwork, for example, we have specialists on sex counselling that will help your work out how to handle the problems that you are facing. And, not just it! Once you find the best sex counsellor near you, you can either talk to them online or book an appointment at their clinic. The sex therapist will listen to you attentively and sensitively.

During the process, he/she will gather further information about the root problem and ensure that you get the best online counselling or talk therapy or treatment depending on what meets your needs.

How Sex Counsellors help?

You just need to make the first move and find the sex counsellor. Rest be assured you will be amazed at how you make the progress and get on with the therapist after the first nervousness of talking frankly about your sex life.

In a country like India, where sex is still considered a taboo, there are online counselling websites that give you the opportunity to take sessions from the comforts of your space through phone and chat.

So, how do you know that you need sex therapy or sex counselling. Ask yourself and your partner a few questions that are mentioned below:

  • Have you stopped having sex?
  • Your sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family
  • So you have any sexual dysfunction.
  • Or, are you a sex addict?
  • Need sex education as an individual

Who can take Sex Counselling?

Whether you’re single, married or in a relationship, gay, lesbian or straight, Sex Therapy can help you to improve your sex life. Find a sex therapy therapist online at the largest inventory of doctors, counsellors and psychologists – HopeNetwork.

Just remember that everybody has a different sex drive and couples might experience different levels at different stages of their lives. So, it becomes important for the other partner to understand that it is completely normal. Or, having a high sex drive or having multiple partners doesn’t make you a sex addict. Often happens that because of our fast lifestyle, we are often stuck in the same routines that sometimes can lead to low sex drive. Sex problems are complex and you need a specialist to identify the real cause of your sex problems.

While experimenting on your own and trying new things in life can definitely help but it is also important to find a sex therapist so that they can help you rediscover communication and thereby improve you relationship.

Ask a Counsellor

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Our therapists are here to help you out. Our qualified and experienced therapists would follow scientifically proved techniques to accurately assess your situation. The accurate diagnosis becomes the bedrock of effective therapy.

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