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In our lives, many times we have to deal with tough situations. Situations that are not in our control and which can impact badly our personal and professional life. is the platform to help those who are dealing with situations like these. We are a team of experienced and trained professionals who provide online counselling.

Now, when you listen to the word online counselling, what comes to your mind? or you think, why online counselling?

Maybe a person lecturing you to be practical and move on with your life. But at the therapists are not here only to give you life tips but also to listen to you.

No doubt there is a lot of stress in the lives of today’s generation. But more than stress people do not have anyone to share their problems with. A lot of people do not share their anxiety or depression to others as they have a fear of being judged.

During online counselling, the counsellors listen to you actively without being judgmental. The counsellors are always sympathetic towards the person who needs help.

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What Type Of Counselling Should You Take Online?

Just like any offline counselling online sessions are also available for all types of counselling. There is no such counselling that cannot be provided online. provides various types of online counselling for instance –

In online counseling, the professionals are as trained as offline counselling. The counselors are supportive and just by a couple of minute’s conversation, they know what solution should be given to a person for a healthy lifestyle.

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How Does Online Counselling Work?

Online counselling is a bit different from traditional counselling which was done by sitting face to face with a professional.

These online sessions can be taken from any part of the country just by a click. The counsellors are available via different mediums such as Call, Video Call, Chat, or E-mail.

It is a mental health service which is also known as e-counseling, e-therapy, etc. Online counselling is also becoming one of the best methods of counselling. As it is seen that the person looking for counselling is not comfortable to talk about their problems in one-on-one offline sessions.

Additionally, because of lack of time, nobody wants to do an office visit and hence are opting for online sessions. These online sessions are as effective as traditional counseling sessions.

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Where To Get Best Online Counselling? is one of the best online counselling providers. The team of certified and trained Psychotherapists works 24×7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to give the best services. The solutions provided to people by counsellors are not similar. As everyone goes through different situations the solutions should also be unique according to the issues faced.

The counsellors follow the techniques that are scientifically proven. Anyone going through a tough phase can take benefit from these sessions because the sessions are very affordable.

We also take care of the privacy of a person by keeping the conversation between a counselor and client confidential. Everyone seeking counselling has the freedom to be 100% anonymous. Moreover, the counsellor is friendly and you can choose a counsellor of your preference who speaks the language in which you feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Online Counselling

Online counselling is different from traditional counselling. In online counselling a person can talk to a counsellor via different methods such as call, video call, text, or email. Online counselling is as effective as offline counselling.

There are various benefits of online counselling such as – accessibility for people with physical limitations, a good option for remote areas, treatment is more accessible, etc.

It is a proven fact that counselling is very effective in many mental health disorders. With time counselling is becoming a popular choice among patients.

For all mental health disorders, online counselling can be taken. Online counselling is an affordable and effective way to get rid of any mental health disorder.

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