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Anxiety counselling is needed when anxiety that starts in the mind starts creating very real and tangible symptoms. Like higher heart rate, shortness of breath, delicate stomach, dizziness and sweaty, numb or tingling hands. These are some of the physical symptoms that you develop when you face anxiety that just cannot be part of your imagination.

Immediate help is needed when you realise that your body cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined threat. And, your body is always in a fight or flight mode. But how do you stop them? Or wait, what are the signs and symptoms that can tell if the level of anxiety that you are feeling is dangerous?

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is often defined as nervousness, worry, and self-doubt. Everyone feels anxious but if the feeling is overwhelming, recurring or coming out of nowhere then, talking to a therapist or an anxiety counsellor may help. Consult with a certified psychologist for online counselling for anxiety.

Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety

The signs of feelings of anxiety differ from person to person. So, it is not the same in everyone. So, sometimes it can cause intrusive and obsessive thoughts which makes it difficult for the person to concentrate. Others might feel restless or even depressed.

Some of the physical symptoms include overly tense muscles, or high blood pressure. Sometimes, it’s trembling, sweating, a racing heartbeat, dizziness, and insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, difficulty breathing, and nausea.

And, sometimes if the symptoms are sudden, it can also cause panic attacks.

The people who suffer from anxiety may be more talkative or others might withdraw or self-isolate.

It is even found out that people who are outgoing and friendly, or otherwise might seem fearless can have anxiety.

What can you do to help people with anxiety

  • Be patient with them
  • Share words of encouragement or appreciation
  • Be willing to share details with them if they ask
  • Be predictable

Ask an Counsellor Online

HopeNetwork is the largest online directory to find therapists and doctors online and connect to make appointments at their clinic near you. We have licensed expert anxiety counsellors that can help cure the symptoms of anxiety that can otherwise be an obstruction when it comes to leading a positive life or socialising with others.

Or, if you know someone, help them reach out to the best counsellors so that they can have a confidential and convenient therapy session with a qualified anxiety counselling expert.

Doesn’t matter if you are anxious or maybe something about a future relationship is making you anxious, therapy is a process that can help you with growth and self-discovery.

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