Family…The Biggest Stressor?

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While family can be your biggest support – bring a sense of joy, happiness and togetherness; it can also be a common cause of emotional stress. But why? Isn’t family supposed to be your biggest support? But what causes this stress? Well the truth is the things we value affects us the most. So, the stress is unavoidable but you can always keep unwanted stress at bay.

Here are some self-help tips to maintain balance of the family stressors –


We know this is your fear if someone from your family is hurt or injured! And, it is completely normal. Accidents happen all the time and you don’t have control over them. So, make sure you have two things always by your side – first aid kit and a stash of savings. Have it within easy reach so that you don’t spend sleepless nights fretting over ‘what if’.

Never take them for Granted

Imagine a day without one of your family members. Impossible? See, each moment that you spend with your family member is a blessing and always remember that. Not everyone is so fortunate to have the love of their families. It is a blessing and keep it as one.

Little boxes of happiness

Quality family time matters. Like take out one time in the entire day when the whole family can enjoy a meal together. Or, if you stay far, make sure that you visit them on every special occasion or festival.

Give Space

Now this is important. Give each other psychological/emotional space. Doesn’t matter how big or small the family is, make sure each and everyone gets their time to pursue their hobby or passion.


Families are different and each member is unique. So, it is all the more important for you to embrace each other’s differences. The real joy of being together as a family actually lies in our differences. See and accept each family member for what they really are.

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