Family…The Biggest Stressor?

Hi all! Thank you for an enthusiastic response to the poll on Hope Network. I wanted to know what you think is the most common emotional stress factor and Family was the clear winner with 50% votes. Money came a close second with 38%, Social life was next with 16% and Work seems to emotionally stress people the least with just 11% votes.

But isn’t family all about joy, happiness and togetherness? Then why would people choose it to cause the most emotional stress? The answer is quite simple actually. The thing we value the most, affects our emotions the most. But a few basic pointers can keep unwanted stress at bay and make family moments much more fulfilling.

Safety first.

What’s your worst fear? Somebody in your family getting hurt or injured. And accidents can happen to anyone right in your own home. A comprehensive First Aid guide is a must for every family. Have it within easy reach and you’ll save yourself and your family a lot of risk and worry knowing that you have immediate help at hand.

The nest egg. If you have a stash of savings that is not touched for any reason except for a dire emergency (craving a new car isn’t one of them!) you won’t spent sleepless nights fretting over ‘what if’ and will be able to accept family life with open arms.

Never for granted.

Each kiss from your child, each blessing from parents, each hug from your partner is a rare gem. Cherish it. Not everyone has the good fortune to be blessed with a family to come home to. So the next time you’re angry with someone in our family, just try to imagine the next day without them in your life. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Little things matter.

In our jet-set age, we think ‘family time’ is over-rated. Finishing that presentation right this minute or catching up on the missed TV show is more important than meals together. Just for one day try to have all meals together at one table, facing each other. You’ll be refreshed like never before.

Personal space.

No matter how large or small or family is, each member deserves space. That does not necessarily translate to a room for everyone. It’s psychological/emotional space that makes the difference. Let each person have a hobby or passion and everyone pitch in to revel in it for one member every week. Not only will you learn a lot of new things, the pure joy from the special member of the week would be super-contagious!


Each individual is different. Accept it. That’s the real joy of being together as a family. Don’t try to make your husband like your best friend’s; don’t try to turn your wife into the perfect trophy; don’t push your kids to be like prodigies; don’t expect your parents to turn ‘cool’ overnight. Once you see and accept each family member for what they really are, you will find the real bond amongst you because then each will show their best colors.


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