• Motivation
  • Behavioral issues
  • anxiety and depression management
  • Stress
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified Happiness Coach
  • Family issues
  • Relationship issues
  • ADHD Counseling and CBT
  • Counseling psychologist
  • Personality disorders
  • Marital issues


  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • Diploma in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of ADHD
  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  • Diploma in Stress and Anxiety Management
  • NLP Practitioner certificate Course

Languages Speaks

  • Telugu
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Marathi

About Lavanya

Lavanya is your happiness life coach and a counselling psychologist, NLP practitioner, specialist in managing stress and anxiety. I have a lot of experience working with individuals of all ages. I can assist you with managing your stress and anxiety, depression, marital problems, health problems requiring therapy, gaining confidence, stage fright, exam stress, connecting with oneself, and other emotional challenges.

I may be your confidant with whom you can discuss your most private fears. I’ll be here to support you as you navigate life’s highs and lows. As your happiness life coach, I can help you discover many ways for remaining joyful and focused even during trying situations.

I work in social services as well. I dedicate my time to improving the lives of disadvantaged people and street animals. I am a part of the non-profit organisation SAFE Hyderabad, which works to protect street animals, and I am also a volunteer with the Robinhood Army, which supports numerous orphanages and nursing homes as well as other deserving people. Through my blogs, I enjoy discussing my ideas regarding human psychology. So get in touch with me right away so we can get to the bottom of your issues and solve them once and for all.