• Marital issues
  • Student counselling
  • Depression
  • Parent's counselling (who are having special need children)
  • Relationship counselling
  • Anger management
  • Autism children
  • Adhd children
  • Breakup


  • Masters in Psychology

Languages Speaks

  • Punjabi
  • Hindi

About Sonia

I’m Sonia, a practicing psychologist based in Hyderabad. I hold a master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in clinical, counseling, sport, and positive psychology. This qualification was earned at Punjab University. Additionally, I completed a diploma in guidance and counseling at DEV SAMAJ COLLEGE OF EDUCATION in Chandigarh.

During my internship, I worked in an ICSE board school, collaborating closely with a counselor. In this role, I addressed various cases, including family issues, student-teacher relationships, bullying, sexual and physical abuse, social pressures, academic stress, and high expectations. My research during this period focused on topics such as ADHD, slow learners, learning difficulties, and classroom problems.

My practical experience expanded as I worked with children who have special needs, encompassing conditions like ADHD, Autism, stress, abuse, and behavioral issues. This valuable experience took place at a rehabilitation center in Chandigarh and significantly contributed to my professional growth.

Over the past two years, my dedication has been towards counseling children with intellectual disabilities and assisting their parents. The issues I’ve addressed in these sessions include stress, anxiety, marital conflicts, family disputes, and emotional disturbances. I have conducted counseling sessions for children, adolescents, and adults, often meeting them in their homes.

In the course of my practice, I’ve encountered individuals with unique learning abilities who sometimes exhibit inappropriate behaviors, gestures, and language due to their limited understanding of societal norms. It is our responsibility, as psychologists, teachers, therapists, or counselors, to guide and support them in acquiring appropriate social behaviors.

In my work, I place a strong emphasis on building trust with my clients, active listening, maintaining strict confidentiality, respecting professional boundaries, and ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients. I firmly believe in the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship to provide the essential support and motivation for positive change.